How do I order?
If you see an older Chroma Rocks Jewelry design that you love or you are interested in a piece similar to one in any of my collections, please go here to submit your Custom Order Inquiry. Please allow 2 business days for me to review your inquiry. Once I accept it, you will be directed to my custom order deposit listing. Please do not pay the deposit until I have provided approval.

What are the costs?

Design fees:

Once I have reviewed your custom inquiry form and accepted your order, you will be asked to pay a $75 design fee. This fee is non-refundable. However, this cost will be deducted from the final cost of your order. After the deposit is received, I will provide you a sketch of your order. This deposit covers the cost of up to 3 design edits.

More than 3 design edits: Any edits beyond the initial 3 will cost $15 per edit. The cost for edits beyond the initial 3 are non-refundable and are in addition to the final cost of your order. Meaning this cost will not be deducted from the final cost of your order. 


Once the design is finalized, you will be provided a final balance. 50% of the final balance is due in order for me to begin production work on your order. The remaining 50% (plus shipping) will be due once your order is complete, PRIOR to shipment. Please note, I cannot begin production work on your order until I receive the first 50% payment and I cannot ship your order until I receive the final 50% payment.

The price of your custom order depends on the project. Feel free to browse my shop to get an idea of how I price my current offerings. 

How long do custom orders take?
After a design is agreed upon, it can take anywhere from 2-6 weeks for your order to be completed. This allows time for any supplies that need to be ordered and for the design to be completed and approved. If you would like your order sooner, additional rush charges may apply. 

I saw jewelry by a different designer that I loved. Can you make a similar one for me?
Unfortunately, due to copyright laws, I am unable to recreate other artist's work without their written permission. 

Can I have another jeweler recreate the jewelry you made for me?
No, I retain the copyright on every design I create. 

Do you ever recreate custom order designs or will my jewelry be exclusive to me?
If we have worked together to create a completely new design that is specific to you, although I own the copyright on the design, I will not recreate it. However, if we've created something based on a version of a past or existing Chroma Rocks Jewelry design, than I can recreate it.

Can I use my own gemstones?

Of course! I'm happy to create a design around stones you already own.

Can I (re)use my own metal?
Unfortunately, I really do not recommend melting down metal and reusing it in a new piece. Not all metal is created equal and I cannot guarantee the quality of your jewelry if I do not know the source of the metal. 

What metals do you work in?
I work regularly in brass and sterling silver. 14k gold fill, solid gold, palladium, and platinum are also options, but please keep in mind that these metals may have to be ordered which will alter the production time. 

I do not work in industrial metals such as steel, tungsten, titanium, niobium, etc... because I do not have the tools or machinery to do so.

Do you have any guarantees or warranties?
I inspect each piece of jewelry carefully before sending it out. However, if you feel that there is a problem with your jewelry, please feel free to mail it to me for inspection. If it is determined that there is a defect, I will repair your jewelry for free and compensate you for any shipping costs. 

What if I want to return my order?
Unfortunately, custom orders are not eligible for refunds.