Do you find yourself...

   ...buying the same color of clothes?
   ...surrounding yourself with the same color decor?
   ...avoiding certain colors like your life depends on it?

Color has immense power. It incorporates the concept of duality, of yin and yang, of both positive and negative qualities. It can create feelings of excitement or tranquility, irritation or pleasure, passion or dislike. Your response to color can be influenced by your personality type, life circumstances, traditional meanings, or even childhood associations. While these aspects may make color seem entirely subjective, when you add in the science of color and color psychology a much clearer picture is presented. When you learn to speak the language of color, you can use it to balance your emotional and mental state. You can use it to express yourself in the most fierce and powerful way possible. 

When you receive a color analysis and reading, it can give you guidance of your current circumstances and also where you may be headed in the future. It can provide an accurate reflection of your needs on an emotional and physical level. It can reveal imbalances as well as showcase strengths that you didn't even realize you held. 

Personal Color Analysis & Live Virtual Reading
Personal Color Analysis & Live Virtual Reading

Personal Color Analysis & Live Virtual Reading


OPTION 1: Analysis only - You will receive a digital download with your personal color analysis within 48 hours.

OPTION 2: Analysis & Live Virtual Reading - You will receive a 30 minute virtual session where we will discuss your color analysis. I will provide simple recommendations on how to use your analysis to add a little more color and balance to your life. You will also receive a digital download with your personal color analysis and summary of recommendations 24 hours after your session.

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Color is a power which directly influences the soul.

- Wassily Kandinsky


Krysten R.

"I had my very first color reading in May 2020. The reading was so on point! It was so interesting and relevant to so many areas in my life. It actually gave me chills. It was fun and educational! I would highly recommend doing one, especially from Carmen, as she knows her stuff!!"

Rachel F.

"Not only was my color reading extremely accurate, Carmen is amazing! Brining the awareness o what color says about me and how color impacts my life has empowered me to makes changes and recognize that especially the 'little things' matter."

Alexus D.

"I was amazed to find out how much colors say about me! Carmen's reading was so accurate and enlightening. She is very knowledgeable on all aspects of color. I'm definitely more aware of the colors I surround myself with, and notice the differences in how they feel. I always knew they played a big part in life, I didn't realize how much. It's so cool! Thank you Carmen you're awesome and have inspired me to learn more about about colors! :)"

Sometimes all you need is a little splash of color

- Amy Tangerine

Carmen Michelle of Chroma Rocks is a Master Reiki Practitioner and is certified in the Psychology of Color Symbolism.