Jewelry for the women who…  

…wear the motor oil stained coveralls and the perfect red lip.

…rock a push-up challenge as effortlessly as they knit an afghan.

…understand their femininity is not determined by how soft OR strong she is, but by the fact that she can choose to be both. She can be emotional and analytical, outgoing and shy, fighter and nurturer.  

Chroma Rocks handcrafts delicate yet bold jewelry that complements the multifaceted women’s blend of fierce and feminine.

Part armor and part adornment, each piece of jewelry is designed to reflect these complexities and remind every woman that she has the power to conquer life’s battles and live life by her own rules.

I’m Carmen Michelle,

the owner of Chroma Rocks. I believe:

What you wear affects your energy.

Women are multifaceted goddesses.

There is power in color.

My journey


Work in a freezing cold cubicle.
Perform all the administrative roles.
Take way too much work home.
Dye my resulting white hairs.
Kind of dead inside.
Marry my husband.
Quit my administrative job.
Buy all the jewelry books.
Launch Jewelry by McV. 


Design and create jewelry.
Curate jewelry in an art gallery.
Teach jewelry workshops.
Throw away hair dye.
No longer kind of dead inside.
Rescue a needy pitbull.
Buy all the jewelry hammers.
Re-brand to Chroma Rocks Carmen Michelle Jewelry (in progress)

What Chroma Rocks stands for:

People come to me because they’re…

…Tired of the same old soul-less mass produced jewelry.

…Searching for jewelry that feels made for them and reminds them they are a confident, badass woman.

…In love with statement jewelry, but prefer designs that don’t make them feel like they’re lifting weights.

What people are saying...

“Absolutely LOVE my necklace. Carmen went out of her way to make it personalized for me and to suit my requirements! The finished piece is lovely and arrived presented with the utmost care and style. Would recommend this shop to everyone! Thank you :)"
- Barbara, Ireland 

Chroma Rocks jewelry found in the wild...