Chroma Rocks celebrates the woman who…

…wears the motor oil stained coveralls and the perfect red lip.

…rocks a push-up challenge as strongly as she knits an afghan.

…understands her femininity is not determined by how soft OR strong she is, but by the fact that she can choose to be both. She can be emotional and analytical, outgoing and shy, fighter and nurturer.

Chroma Rocks offers delicate yet bold jewelry that complements the multifaceted women’s blend of fierce and feminine.

Part armor and part adornment, each piece of jewelry is designed to reflect these complexities and remind women that she has the power to conquer life’s battles and live life by her own rules.


I’m Carmen Michelle, the owner of Chroma Rocks.

I believe...

  • Your style tells your story
  • Blending in is boring
  • Jewelry should be crafted with purpose



What Chroma Rocks stands for:

Craftsmanship – Craft each design with quality, personality, long life, and sustainability.

Gratitude – Strive to be somebody who makes those I connect with feel like SOMEBODY.

Inspiration – Be a model of bold authenticity and dare others to unapologetically own who they are.

Prosperity – Make choices that feed my soul and continually pursue personal growth.

Support – Prioritize sharing knowledge, celebrate peer wins, and promote local/small businesses.