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chro·ma - purity or intensity of color.

Chroma Rocks Jewelry was founded on the idea that there is power in being yourself and living life boldly on your own terms. We live in a world that emphasizes similarity, but where is the fun in that? Being like everyone else is overrated! Not only is it less enjoyable, it can prevent you from living a fulfilling life and discovering the gifts that only you can offer the world. So I create jewelry because we sometimes we forget. We forget the importance of unapologetically embracing all those things that make you uniquely you. My hope is when you wear a piece of my jewelry, it serves as a reminder to be bold, be colorful, be unapologetic, and shine.

I work almost exclusively with gemstones because like people, no two are exactly alike. They are available in a variety of colors, from pale to vibrant. Have you ever found that you gravitate towards certain stones or colors? Embrace that! Each stone and color has an associated meaning. It can be a direct reflection of who you are, who you want to be, or what you're going through. You can read more about the meaning behind gemstones here

Once I've chosen the gemstone that I want to work with, I start sketching. Each design starts as a geometric shape. Throughout the design process, I add more until it morphs into something more bold and more unconventional. Once I'm satisfied, then I move to recreating my sketch in metal. A lot of my pieces are crafted in raw brass because brass is believed to bring courage to those who keep it close. Don't worry, though. If you have metal sensitivities or simply different preferences, I offer a lot of my designs in sterling silver. I can also do custom orders in gold fill metal. Everyone gets to shine!

Remember, you are amazing! Embrace that with jewelry that is as original as you are! 

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