Daybreak Double Stud Set

Daybreak Double Stud Set

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Delicate yet a little edgy, the Daybreak Double Stud Earrings are a fun way to spice up your outfit. This sterling silver set is designed for those with multiple piercings in each ear. It includes textured studs, gemstone studs, and a chain connecting the two. Sterling silver earring backs are included with each set. The available gemstones are Tibetan Turquoise, Sodalite (dark blue) and Poppy Jasper (red). The texture has been added by hand, making each stud subtly asymmetrical. The chain is removable which provides multiple style options:

-Chain positioned behind the ears
-Chain positioned in front of the ears
-One end of the chain in front of the ear and one end of the chain behind the ear
-No chain

Gemstones: Turquoise, Sodalite (dark blue), Jasper (red)


Textured stud diameter: 3/16”
Gemstone stud diameter: ¼”
Chain: 3” laid straight

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-Gemstones are unique and no two will be exactly alike.
-Each piece of jewelry is lovingly crafted by hand.

For these reasons, you will receive a piece of jewelry similar to the one pictured.