Life Update: Where I've Been and Super Star Students

You may have noticed that things have been silent over at Chroma Rocks Jewelry for the about the last month or so. You may be asking yourself, where did Carmen go? What's happening?? Freakin post something on Instagram already!!  

Waaah, I know!

So what had happened was... my house is trying to poison me. Ok, that's a little dramatic. But seriously, monsoon season hit my house hard and we had a steady, but not immediately visible water leak. My house has been in a state of disarray and under construction since. For those that have dealt with home construction, you know how dusty and dirty your house can get. Well construction dust + severe asthma/allergies = literally allergic to my house. So I was super ill for about 2 weeks. Once I got better, I stayed with family and friends because still allergic to my house. Thankfully, construction is on pause right now and I'm back home. The hubster purchased all kinds of air filters and cleaned his little buns off so I didn't start doing my gaspwheezecough routine the minute I walked through the door. No lie. The urgent care doc thought I was an undercover, in denial smoker when she listened to my lungs. 

"Breathe in... hmmm... do you smoke?"
"No, I have asthma."
"Huh, you sure?"
**Doc silently stares at me**

Then she prescribed me the antibiotic that they give anthrax attack survivors. 

Basically the last 30 days have consisted of trying to take care of water damage, being bed ridden, then living out of a suitcase. But, have no fear, I'm back to 100% and finally back in the studio. I even taught a class yesterday! Whaaat? Betcha didn't know I could teach. You learned something new today. 

Very proud of the group I taught. It was a beginner class and only their 2nd time soldering. I showed them how to pick solder and attach an ear post (which are pretty advanced techniques, especially for beginners) and by the end of class they were all pick soldering like pros! It took me months of soldering on a regular basis to even want to attempt to learn how to pick solder. FYI, pick soldering is when you melt a teeny tiny piece of solder and pick it up with the itty bitty end of a skinny little metal pick and gently place it on the edge of whatever you're trying to join together. Sounds intimidating right?! Check out what they made! They did an awesome job! 

Beginner jewelry class project at KP Studio   Beginner jewelry class project at KP Studio   Beginner jewelry class project at KP Studio

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  • Of course all this happens right before outage :/ . Happy to hear you are doing better.


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